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At IBARC, our expert team of business consultants and performance marketers are constantly researching on solving growth related problems in businesses, using technology solutions. Our mission is to help businesses generate more profits and grow stable, and thus we want to help Entrepreneurs to live a life of freedom.

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Business Growth Automation Program [B-GAP]

With our exclusive growth automation program, a business can put their sales and marketing on auto-pilot. We provide an integrated approach to this with learning material, step-by-step guide, implementation tools etc., so that a business can easily get started. Also the progress tracking support and the consistency framework will help to grow steadily.

B-GAP Includes

- Set-up & Configuration
- Automation platforms
- Growth tracker
- Strategy sessions
- Live support

B-GAP Benefits

- Generate more leads
- Automate follow-ups
- Better sales conversions
- Track progress everyday
- Optimise the results


We stand for making the life of Entrepreneurs easier by automating their business growth.

IBARC is by Entrepreneurs and for Entrepreneurs. Since we understand the pain points of a business well, we have kept ourselves detached from the urge to sell more, but persistent for generating success stories. We practice these two unique approaches.

Ladder pattern for customer success

Unlike funnel approach, we believe in making each of our beneficiary succeed, by moving one-step at a time towards growth.

Integrated approach in service

We want entrepreneurs to do business than running-around, and that's why we have the 360-degree integrated approach.

Why Business Automation?

The life of an entrepreneur changes when the growth of their business is automated.

Leadership team

We stand for freedom in all senses & that's why IBARC.

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Automate your business growth!

Transformational decisions shouldn’t take time at all.

Let’s start transforming your business to automated growth.

Business Growth Automation Program [B-GAP]

B-GAP is designed as a 360-degree solution for businesses who want to grow and scale faster. The entire program is segmented into 3 following parts.


We start with an OKR framework for every business where we clearly understands the desired business goals for next 12months.


As per the plan we design and set-up the automation processes with latest high-end technology solutions.


Our support and monitoring is with a robust tested and proven framework developed in-house.

our platforms

The platforms we use to automate business growth

Business 360

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Want to do a health check up of your business?

We start our activities by doing a health check up of our clients. It will help you to get a clear picture on how to proceed further.

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