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Integrated Business Automation Research Centre

About IBArc

We stand for making the life of Entrepreneurs easier by systemising their business growth.

IBARC is by Entrepreneurs and for Entrepreneurs. Since we understand the pain points of Entrepreneurs well, we have kept ourselves detached from the urge to sell more, but persistent for generating success stories. We have two unique approaches we practice.

Ladder pattern for customer success​

Unlike funnel approach, we believe in making each of our beneficiary succeed, by moving one-step at a time towards growth.​

Integrated approach in service​

We want entrepreneurs to do business than running-around, and that's why we have the 360-degree integrated approach.​

Why Business Automation?

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Want to put your business growth on auto-pilot?

Transformational decisions shouldn’t take time at all.

Let’s start transforming your business to automated growth.

Leadership team

We stand for freedom in all senses & that's why IBARC.

Sajeev Nair


Want to know how to automate your business growth?

Every business is unique in various aspects. We help to design highly personalised strategies and processes for our clients.

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